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Rules and suggestions
In preparing for the either the Zip Line Adventure or Leadership Challenge Course at
The Big Zipper, here are some things to consider:

Requirements and Limitations
There is no age restriction. Minimum weight 60 pounds for zip lines. Maximum weight 260 pounds for zip lines. If you have a question about the weight restrictions please feel free to call and one of our guides will be happy to assist you. Maximum waist size of 44 inches for zip line harness.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled flight.
  • Wear comfortable weather appropriate clothing.
  • There is a small amount of hiking involved between lines.
How to Dress
Since you will be in the woods, there is a good possibility you may get dirty. Please wear clothing and shoes that you will not mind “scuffing up” a bit.
Dress for Adventure!

Wear clothes that are loose, comfortable and durable. T-shirts and tops should be long enough to tuck into pants or shorts. Shorts should reach mid-thigh or longer. Long pants or sweats are preferred during cooler seasons. In hot weather, shorts and shoes and socks maybe preferred. Layer your clothing suitable to the season so you will be comfortable all day. Comfortable shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots are a must (NO OPEN TOE SHOES!) Shoes should be suitable for the weather conditions (consider rain, mud, cold, etc…)

Hair should be tied back or secured if it is long enough to get caught or tangled in equipment. If your hairstyle hinders the secure fit of the helmet (high course) you will not be able to participate on the challenge course.

Please leave all jewelry at home or locked safely in your vehicle. For safety, please make sure any body piercings are protected or removed.

For those who wear glasses, take precautions that you would normally take when participating in outdoor activities to protect your eyes and eye wear. Sunglasses can be worn if you like.

Wheel Chair Access
The course and location are outdoors and therefore are not wheel chair accessible.

While all our adventures are completely safe, The Big Zipper Adventure Course and Sleepy Hollow Adventures will not accept the liability for an expecting mother. Please come and see us after your joyful event!
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